It all started when...

As a child, our mother always had the camera to hand, there was never a moment where there wasn't an occasion to celebrate or a memory to remember. They were all captured... And that importance of holding onto memories has stood with me since.  Which is why I love this job.  

I didn't fall into photography through a conventional route, in fact it was thanks to a twisted turn of fate that made me pick up the camera with both hands and dive in. After being made redundant as Head of Marketing, I knew it was time to take this opportunity and grasp the future (and lens) with both hands and make it my own, which is why you are reading this today. 

From casually shooting a friend's wedding, it soon led to others along with christenings, families and travel and I've never looked back since...


My approach would be very natural and documentary in style. It would be non-intrusive with couple shots on your big day, but most of the time will be spent capturing the emotions, expressions and memories of you and your family. There's nothing worse than feeling awkward and stiff in front of the camera, and that's not my style - I will make sure we capture the best of your relaxed selves on the day.